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Call for proposals

Why is Ilm Ideas 2 calling for proposals?

The state of education in Pakistan is improving—but not fast enough. And it is improving for some children and young people but many more are left behind.

New ideas and new partners are needed, along with fresh thinking, to speed up the pace of change and reach the millions of children in Pakistan who do not have access to a quality education.

Who should apply?

We accept proposals from a wide variety of applicants. However, we are especially interested in applications from:

  • New players who may never have worked in the education sector before but who bring new ideas and approaches and different perspectives to tackle familiar challenges
  • the private sector in Pakistan (businesses, social enterprises, etc.), especially where they bring business-based solutions that can be sustained.

We encourage applications from consortiums—groups of organisations with complementary skills, expertise, reach and strengths who propose to work in partnership.

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Applying for a grant

Step 1

Read the Grant Application Guidelines. They explain the application process in detail.

Click here to download the Grant Application Guidelines.

Click here to read the Mott MacDonald’s Ethics Statement (Mott MacDonald is the Ilm Ideas 2 Fund Manager).

Click here to read the criteria against which your application will be evaluated.

Step 2

Prepare your initial application. The application comprises:

  • A concept note (max 2 pages) OR a slide deck (8-12 slides)
  • A form with information about your company or organisation
  • Your company or organisation certificate of registration and taxpayer certificate.



If your initial application is successful, you will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Have a question?

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