Across Pakistan, there is a lack of ‘voice’ in raising issues at all levels of the education sector and a correspondingly poor level of responsiveness amongst duty-bearers, exacerbated by a lack of accountability and transparency in the system at school, district, and provincial levels.


ILMI and Sitarey is an intervention designed and successfully implemented for the Education and Literacy Department, Government of Sindh. It is a data-enriched, stakeholder engagement platform that has enhanced the flow of information between diverse education sector stakeholders in Sindh. Issues are raised through a simple text message to ILMI from which a ‘case’ is created. As the ‘case’ gets routed through departments at the relevant levels, ILMI monitors its progress, escalating the issue until it is fixed. ILMI offers a ‘live’ Performance Dashboard that measures the performance of the department and supports the calculation of a variety of reporting metrics.


Ilm Ideas 2’s investment of approximately GBP 1.4 million will be used to replicate and demonstrate ILMI and Sitarey in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). Through the ILMI platform, Text will help increase accountability and transparency between education stakeholders and the Education Department in AJK. Over the next two years, the ILMI Performance Live Dashboard will measure the performance of the Education Department’s responsiveness and help individual officers and the department become more accountable. In addition, TEXT plans to innovate their ILMI platform in AJK to support the teaching of reading. The TEXT platform will be used to supplement face-to-face teacher training provided by the education department, to provide teachers with text-based advice and prompts, and to collect information from them about teaching reading.



  • A solution that is being successfully implemented with the Government of Sindh with potential to be replicated in other provinces
  • A solution with the potential to be used in a variety of ways with specific users (for example, teachers)
  • Potential for sustainability through government and private partners.

For further information, contact Midhat Fatima, email midhat.fatima@text.com.pk

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