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Education planning is mostly undertaken at the provincial or district level using aggregate district data. This data does not provide sufficient information to plan action. For example, district level data shows that enrolment of girls in post-primary education is low, and may even show the Union Councils where enrolment is low, but more data is required to decide where to locate a new secondary school for girls.


STRIDE is an innovative model of context-specific local planning, financing, and service delivery. It uses context-specific ‘actionable evidence’ to develop Union Council (UC) level plans and implement action that helps ensure children stay at school (retention) and make the transition from primary to secondary education. STRIDE builds on I-SAPS experience in local planning, financing, and service delivery in the education sector.


Ilm Ideas 2 will invest approximately GBP 1.8 million in STRIDE’s approach, which begins by collecting and creating ‘actionable evidence’ about education in a union council (UC). Based on this evidence, STRIDE facilitates a local planning process to prepare actionable UC level education plans. STRIDE responds to UC level plans by implementing three solutions to increase retention and transition in UCs which have relatively high primary enrolment but few, or no, middle and high schools. These solutions include:

  • Second shift ‘evening’ middle and high schools in primary school buildings to reduce the distance to school.
  • Transport (rickshaw, van, bus, tonga) and transport schemes to help secondary school students get to school.
  • Clusters (two or more) of primary schools in a UC merged to reduce the incidence of multi-grade teaching.

This solution is being implemented in four districts: Bahawalpur and Muzaffargah in Punjab, and Dera Ismail Khan and Swabi in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.



  • A strong organisation proposing a solution which builds on their experience and expertise
  • Aligned with results Ilm 2 is aiming to achieve
  • STRIDE focuses on using existing resources and budget more effectively and should not require additional spending
  • Support from two provincial governments

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