The Problem

Provision of early childhood education in Pakistan is limited. Many children have not developed the skills they need to get off to a good start at school. Low levels of school readiness are contributing to low retention rates and poor learning outcomes in primary education and thereafter.

The Innovation

The Parwaan programme aims to provide high quality, sustainable and affordable early childhood education to pre-school-age children, while at the same time creating opportunities for young adults to set up and manage early childhood centres. The programme works with communities to select and train young adults to become early childhood education entrepreneurs. Once training is completed, Parwaan helps entrepreneurs set up the centres and provides them with ECD kits. Parwaan then regularly monitors the quality of the centres.


Ilm Ideas 2 invested approximately GBP 0.34 million in the first phase of the programme (from March 2016 to March 2017). Ilm Ideas 2 is now investing a further GBP 1.4 million in Parwaan’s second phase of implementation.


During Phase I, CGN-P identified and trained 135 young adults to set up ECD centres. Out of these, 75 entrepreneurs opened their ECD Centres which were equipped with ECD kits provided by CGN. As of March 2017, 1,518 children are enrolled in these centres in five districts of Pakistan. The children enrolled are paying fees ranging from PKR 200 to 1,500 per month.


In Phase II, CGN will be scaling up operations to train 1,430 entrepreneurs to open at least 1,000 more ECD centres in 13 districts of Pakistan to provide 25,000 children, aged 3 to 5 years, with access to quality early childhood development education. During this phase, CGN will set up a for-profit entity and commercial stream of their programme, thus increasing the likelihood of becoming financially sustainable by the time support from Ilm 2 ends. CGN will also be putting in place systems for assuring the quality of ECD services provided.

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Why Ilm 2 invested

  • Strong organisation with leadership committed to developing the solution at scale.
  • Clear line of sight between problem and solution
  • A potentially viable model for financial sustainability (for entrepreneurs and Parwaan)

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