Pre-Incubation Education Startup Workshop

The workshop material will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the education landscape in Pakistan and associated challenges. It will also give you useful information and advice that will improve the design of your educational startup and increase your chances of being successful.

Introductory Presentation

Introductory Presentation

Session 1: Thinking about education products and services

Session 2: The Basics for Education Startups

Session 3: Innovation in the BOP Market

Session 4: Case Studies: Eneza, Bridge Academy & PACE

Session 5: Preparing your Business Model Canvas

Session 6: Tips for doing a Startup in Pakistan

Workbook - Ilm Ideas Design Workshop

Case Study: Eneza

Case Study: Bridge Academy

Case Study: PACE

Developing Key Performance Indicators and Roadmap

These resources will help you prepare a Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Roadmap for your journey during the incubation program.

Workbook - Startup Investor Readiness Workbook

Template - KPIs and Roadmap

Market Research

These resources provide guidance on why market research is important and necessary for startups, as well as when and how to conduct it.

Market Research Guide

Workshop - Market Research for Education Startups

Template - Market Research Plan

Template - Market Research Report

Product Testing

These resources provide guidelines on when, where and how to test your product or service.

Workshop - Product Testing for Education Startups

Template - Product Testing Plan

Template - Product Testing Report

Marketing and Promotions

These resources will help you devise marketing and promotions plan and strategy for your startup.

Workshop - Role of Marketing and Promotions in Business Models

Financial Projections and Investor Readiness

Workshop - Financial Projections and Investor Readiness

Case study - School

Workbook - Investor Readiness