If you are a socially responsible corporation, looking to lead the way in creating more and better education opportunities for children and young people in Pakistan, please join us and find out how to get your brand associated with one of the exciting innovations supported by the Ilm Ideas 2 programme.

Ilm Ideas 2 aims to ignite private and public sector interest in supporting education innovation. We’re inviting you to join us at this CSR event because addressing the challenges in education in Pakistan requires collective action.

Please fill in this form to register.  The date for this event is 4th January, 2018. Further details will be communicated at a later time

Ilm Ideas 2 is an education innovation programme funded by the UK Department of International Development. We back education innovations with potential to reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of children. We do this by providing grants and technical assistance to a wide range of players from the private sector, to design, test and scale up education innovations. Our focus is on education innovations that reach poor and marginalised children and on innovations that are financially sustainable. Find out more about Ilm 2 and the innovations we support at